IT, Photography and Water

Welcome to my Blog.  I'm a keen watersports enthusiast, especially SUP (Standup paddleboarding) and photographer.


iSUP Board Repair

For a month or so I've suspected I've had a very slow leak on my iSUP (a Naish One Design N1SCO board). As I'm lazy, and the board is...

Racing the Train - Year 3

So, 2022 has been a bit of an odd year so far, mostly thanks to COVID, so when I saw that Tony from Green Dragon in Bala was running the...

Shortening a fixed length SUP paddle

Earlier this year, I managed to win a Robson fixed length SUP paddle, and finally got around to cutting it to size! I’m using another...

Racing the Train – Bala

Originally published 30th May, 2017 Hello! My name is Glyn, and I’m a SUP Racer. Possibly! The story sort of starts towards the end of...



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